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pcworldDecember 2010 - Editorial Review of Free Spider Solitaire

If you are so far gone that neither calming beauty, a match of wits, nor even random, mindless violence will bring peace to your tattered soul, there is always...solitaire. But not Windows solitaire. It is an unimaginative and undeserved soul enslaver. No, you need the heavy stuff: Free Spider.
It may look a lot like solitaire, and a passer-by, in fact, may ask if you're playing solitaire. It differs from solitaire in that it has five different versions, each with its own rules and card arrangements. Each layout has 9,999,999,999,999 possible variations, and so you shouldn't find yourself repeat the so0me game. If you do, it's time for professional help. – Ron White,64982-order,4/description.html

download.comFebruary 27, 2009 - Reviewed by CNET Staff

While it lacks the massive game libraries offered by some competitors, this solitaire package won't cost you a cent. The word collection isn't the ideal title for this program, as it includes only five solitaire variations. And while the graphics are by no means amazing, this piece of freeware looks better than Windows' built-in solitaire games. Free Spider Solitaire Collection won't blow any minds with extensive user-customization options, but you will find tools for changing the card style and the background color, as well as a check box for disabling the sound effects. Newbies will appreciate that the application offers extensive rule sheets for all included games. Hard-core solitaire nuts can probably pass this one by, but casual players should at least take a closer look, particularly given the lack of a financial commitment.

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acidplayFree Spider Solitaire is for the completist solitaire gamer. This version includes two solitaire variations that are not in the 123 Free Solitaire . The game has not lost any of it's former charm and is a handy addition to the default Windows solitaire card game.

TreeCardGames is fast becoming a favorite of mine when it comes to solitaire card games. If I ever get in to this genre, I know which site I'm hitting first. Free Spider Solitaire is a newer offering from TreeCardGames, the developer of 123 Free Solitaire 2009. It is totally free and free of any adware, as far as I can tell. The game is as polished as I've come to expect from its developer. The cards graphics, the sound of the shuffling, the smooth animation, all return to this offering. The difference is mainly in the game's content. This time we only get five solitaire games; Coleopter, Simple Simon, Spider, Spider One Suit, and Spider Two Suit. A far cry from the twelve games in 123 Free Solitaire . Although, as you may have noticed by now, the first two games present in Free Spider Solitaire are not available in 123 Free Solitaire . If you're hesitant to get a new game for just the two new solitaire games, note that this game is 100% free. There is no cost to you and perhaps no excuse not to get the game. The game's help file is still as good as the previous game, detailing the instructions of the available solitaire variant as well as the brief summary for it and its challenge rating. The only problem I have with it is that it still has the cheesy audience applause when you win, which is really unnecessary. It also still has the afterimaging, cascading cards animation. Get this game if you absolutely have to have Simple Simon and Coleopter in your solitaire game library. Since both games are free from TreeCardGames, there's really no excuse not to get them both.

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